A Reminder of the Importance of Hand Washing During This Flu Season

Now that the holidays are over and after all the hugs and kisses from family and friends, you may be relieved that despite the interaction, you escaped getting a dose of the flu. Well, the flu season is not over yet! We all must be careful not to let our guard down and since we spend so much time in the workplace, it is very important for employers to remind their employees of the importance of hand washing. Start this year by posting signs in all washrooms and in kitchen areas reminding employees of the importance of hand washing. Then follow-up for tracking absentee rates (you should be doing this anyway) for 2014 and then again for 2015 and beyond to get concrete proof that hand washing can reduce sickness in the workplace. For the best defence, an awareness campaign delivered early and often is key. For more information on how hand washing can prevent colds and flu click here.