Flu Season

This article occurs annually during flu season. The cold weather is upon us, the days are getting shorter and winter is almost here. With it also comes the time (or excuse) for increased absenteeism. A lot of discussion has been focused on whether employees should stay home when they are sick or whether they should drag themselves in to the workplace and soldier on bravely. Both arguments have merit. If we bring sickness into the workplace, we have the potential to make others sick. Also, being sick in the workplace is no picnic for the afflicted person or their co-workers since being miserable and noisy is usually a major disruption and embarrassing. But if the sick person doesn’t work while sick, does their work and workplace suffer anyway? That is a question that begs for an answer, but the answer is …it depends. Depending on the culture and tolerance of the work environment and what the person is suffering from etc. Each individual should decide if they might be infectious and if in doubt they should check with a doctor. The Ministry of Labour has some general information about handling flu season in the workplace.