Health & Safety – A New Year and a Call to Action

A brand new year is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your health and safety program. Now is the time to assist the joint health and safety committee in setting some new objectives for 2014. When clear health and safety objectives are documented, there is more chance that they will be accomplished. In addition, challenge your committee to work through all those items on their wish list. Have them set a timeline for realizing their goals and provide them with support and guidance. Remember the best gift you can give your employees this year is your support in their health and safety endeavours. Be careful though; don’t let their efforts turn into New Year’s resolutions, since we all know what happens to those!

For those who don’t have enough employees to require a Joint Health and Safety Committee, you still need to have a health and safety program and have someone in charge of it. If you need help getting started or reviving a dormant program, give us a call at 416-726-6300 or contact us at for more information.