Human Resources

Workplace documentsWe partner with you to provide you with timely human resources advice and services that allows you to get on with running your business. Small and medium sized businesses face similar human resources issues as corporate employers do. The main difference is the smaller employer usually can’t afford to have a permanent human resources department on-site. By relying on In House Human Resources you can have human resources coverage but without the permanent cost. Our small and medium business services include the following:


Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act means that there are rules and deadlines for businesses to meet in Ontario. As with any government legislation, there is always confusion on what applies to an organisation and when. A government Act usually lays the minimum a company must do but most companies do less than they need to since they are unsure what to do. What happens is that customers just know that they can’t access your goods and services and that’s a problem for everyone. The best way to find out what requirements apply to your company is to go – accessibility rules and look at the requirements for small and large employers on their website.

We have helped many clients get in compliance with this Act. We assess your workplace and prepare plans (where applicable) policies, forms and notices. Contact us today to see how we can help you help your customers learn how they can obtain your goods and services in the same way that your non-disabled customers do. Call 416-726-6300 or email