July is Vacation Time!

Vacation, vacation, vacation! We first ran this article in July 2012, but it is worth repeating again with some updating. It has been reported that most Canadians do not use all of their vacation time. Now we are about to get even more vacation time with the implementation of the three-week vacation legalisation. Unfortunately, the saying snooze and you lose comes to mind since those who don’t use their vacation, lose it and usually end up feeling short changed.  So why do Canadians gripe about the little vacation they have and then not use what they have? Workload or supposed workload? Whatever the case, using all our vacation time is important. In order to rejuvenate, the average worker needs to take at least 2 week’s vacation from work since it takes at Least 3 to 4 days to distress from work issues. So for those workers who only take a week, they only start to relax when it is time to return to work. So workers of the world, (and employers of the world make your workers) take all the vacation and reap the rewards.