National Day of Mourning

April 28th is a national day of mourning. It is a day when we remember workers who died on the job or those who were injured while working. Every year we think about those people who went to work one day and didn’t come home or came home but their lives were changed forever. Not only do we remember these people, but we also spare a thought for their families and friends. Everyone plays a role in health and safety.  A bad outcome affects everyone, not just the worker.

Annually on the national day of mourning, we also commit to taking action to reduce death and injury in the workplace. Commitment to change is essential. If we are only committed to change on one day a year, is the change going to be significant? This year let us all take a different approach.

Call to Action

From the top down and from the bottom up, let’s get empowered to speak up when we see a hazard or an unsafe situation. Let’s get our managers and workers educated to ensure that they can foresee danger before it happens. Think about the steps of your work ahead of time to figure out what could go wrong. Our young workers especially need protecting since they will be entering the workforce in the coming weeks. Get busy now keeping each other safe! Wouldn’t it be great in the future if the people we were remembering were injured before 2019?