National Non-Smoking Week

Once a New Year dawns, many people put quitting smoking on their list of New Year resolutions. This year, January 15 to 21 marks the annual event of no smoking. This is a whole week dedicated to quitting smoking. As an employer why not make this an annual event that your smokers can participate in? Quitting smoking is a gigantic step for most smokers so the added support from their workplace should be motivating. There are many support programs and associations that might aid your smokers through to success.  Why not have a kick-off meeting on Friday January 14 to garner support for the smokers in the organization or simply hand out some gum to all employees to remind them to help support the smokers in their lives.

Remember though, if you (or another leader in your organization) smoke, what better gift to give yourself (and your employees) for 2017 than to lead by example by being the first one to butt out.