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Safe workplaces have workers who work together

Working together for a safer workplace

Make Office Safety A Priority!

Office safety should be easy to enforce since most offices don’t come with heavy machinery or equipment. But although offices may seem like a relatively safe place to work and in most cases they are, office safety is almost always neglected.

Having a safety program in an office is just as important as in any other workplace. Offices do come with hazards and workers can easily be injured from trips, falls and ergonomic injuries. In addition, as with all workers, office employees can also be subjected to violence and harassment in the workplace. Employers of office workers (with some exceptions) do need to have a health and safety program in place. Depending on the amount of workers that are employed, a health and safety committee may be required.  

Our experience has shown that most office employers do not seem to be overly concerned about safety until an accident happens or they have a harassment complaint reported. Having a safety program shows that you care about your employees, take complying with the Occupational Health and Safety Act seriously and is good due diligence. We want to help you get in compliance and keep your employees safe.

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