Produce Farming Safety

Safety Services for Produce Farming

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Fruit trees

In House Human Resources provides safety services for the produce farming employer. The Occupational Health and Safety Act with some limitations applies to farming operations. Workers are workers no matter what they do for a living. As a result, workers need knowledge, training, supervision and personal protective equipment in order to make sure that they are kept safe. From experience, farmers usually know the hazards associated with their property but their workers may not. Lack of knowledge about a hazard can seriously hurt or even kill your workers. Do you want to take that chance? Luckily there are lots of resources available to help the busy farmer get and stay in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The first place to start is the Ministry of Labour website. Here you will find a copy of the Act and many fact sheets to assist you.

Basic Safety Program for Produce Farming:

Once the growing season starts, getting the produce to market takes precedent. That’s where we can help! Keeping migrant and Canadian workers safe is our priority. We base all our recommendations on the WSIB Workwell Audit so you know that you will be in compliance. Once you engage us, we develop, implement and then help you maintain your program. It’s that simple!

Once you have the basics in place you can build your program going forward. You must take every reasonable precaution in order to keep your workers safe and we are here to help you do just that and more, just ask! 416-726-6300 or