Sharing the Office Space

With office space costing more and more these days, it is not unusual that businesses are trying to minimize their costs. As a result, workers are being asked to share desks but thankfully usually not at the same time. What does it mean to share an office space with a co-worker? Well, as long as workers have mutual respect for each other it shouldn’t be a problem. That’s the theory anyway. When businesses embark on office sharing policies, they must put a lot of thought and planning into the process before the sharing can begin. If they don’t plan ahead the venture will fail. From simple logistics such as who should share with who to the health and safety issues, there is a lot to think about. Thankfully, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has the health and safety aspects covered.

In addition, businesses should ensure that they have a good violence and harassment in the workplace program and that all potential “sharers” have been trained in appropriate workplace behaviour. If any issues arise between the “sharers”, businesses should deal with the issues immediately. Leaving any issues to fester will surely cause productivity problems, could result in harassment charges and undo any good the sharing might have realized.

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