Uncertain Times: How to Have Engaged & Motivated Staff in 10 Easy Ways

Now that the distraction of the US election is over, it is time to renew your efforts to keep employees engaged and motivated to ensure they continue working for your business during these uncertain times. But when everywhere they turn they see nothing but doom and gloom (including fake news), engaging and motivating employees might seem near impossible. Having employees engaged and motivated just makes good business sense. There are ways to keep staff engaged, motivated and interested in being part of your plan to ensure your business thrives. Engaged and motivated employees stick around and when the global mood changes for the better, they will be ready to take on whatever work is needed. Depending on your budget (some items cost nothing) there are many ways to energize staff. The key is to give them some challenging/interesting work to do that is not part of their daily routine or to reward them and ensure that others recognize the effort that was made.  See below for 10 easy ways:

  1. A payment of a small reward (such as movie passes, coffee gift certificates, or store gift cards) with “thank you” notes
  2. Increased opportunity for flexible work arrangements and/or job-sharing
  3. Theme days – for example, Fresh Fruit Fridays, dress down days, Walking Wednesdays, staff lunch and learns (employees pick topics and take turns leading the process), celebrations, team meetings for problem solving
  4. Post event sessions (after a major event) – small celebrations among staff who worked on an event or project to debrief and evaluate or to just wind down
  5. Weekly/monthly all staff meetings – things they would like to see implemented/fixed, share what they are working on
  6. Personalized business cards – recognizes the importance of their position
  7. Suggestion box for improvements – recognizes their opinion
  8. Recognition certificates awarded after a significant event – both “spot” peer to peer for daily good deeds or from management for achievements or when “caught” demonstrating a company value
  9. Annual staff off-site strategy session to wind down one year and energize for the next
  10. One to two paid hours a month or days per year spent working with a charity of their choice

Some other suggestions to shake things up:

  • Participation on a task force or a safety committee
  • Leading the launch of a new program or project to other staff
  • Doing research for new product development or to improve customer service
  • Training other employees on topics that will be useful to the business
  • Learning a new language
  • Learning a new skill
  • Planing an employee event such as a wellness activity or social evening

Regardless of what you do to help energize your staff, the result will be a win-win for all and they will appreciate that you are making an effort to improve their environment and mood. Good luck! Let us know what worked for your company at info@inhousehr.ca.