Work Well Audits

A good way to test your safety program is to conduct a “self-assessment” of your workplace. Download the WSIB Workwell Audit package (there is also one for small businesses who have fewer than 20 employees) and see how your business would fare in a real audit situation. It is a good tool to use to evaluate your health and safety program and should help you get your workplace in shape before you get notification of a real audit. The passing grade for a real audit is at least 75%. Anything less than 75% will trigger a second audit within the next 6 months. If passing is still a problem for your business after the second audit, you will see an increase in premiums ranging from 10 – 75% of your premium in the year of the audit. So it makes good business sense to get your health and safety program in top shape. Not only to keep your workers as safe as you possibly can, but to avoid an unnecessary increase in premiums.

If you can’t find the time to do an audit, In House Human Resources can provide you with the necessary expertise to get your health and safety program started or improved. We work with your own employees providing “train the trainer” exercises to ensure that your employees are ready to manage the program once it is in place.

Don’t wait until you are ordered to implement a health and safety program or until you receive notification of an audit. Plan now so you can take the time to get it right at your own pace. Call us at 416-726-6300 or email us at for a quote today.

Visit the WSIB website for more information.