Employment Legislation

In House Human Resources helps your business stay in compliance with provincial employment legislation. We help you understand how legislation affects your business and employees, keep up-to-date with any changes to legislation, and help you implement policies or procedures to keep your business in compliance. Ontario employers should know about the following pieces of legislation:

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Violence and Harassment Legislation

Ontario bills 168 and 132 require employers to establish minimum standards for protecting employees from violence or harassment in the workplace. The legislation sets out the rights and duties of all parties, both employers and workers, in workplaces with five or more employees.

In House Human Resources helps your business get in compliance with bills 168 and 132. We help you quickly develop and implement a violence and harassment program including the required policies and procedures. These include a clear statement of what is acceptable workplace behaviour, the consequences of not following company policy, and what the company will do if a complaint is made. Once a violence and harassment program is in place, we can conduct any required investigations,  oversee the annual review, and develop and deliver customized harassment prevention training.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) improves accessibility to establishments and workplaces for Ontarians with physical and mental disabilities. There are five elements to AODA: Customer Service, Employment Standards, Information & Communication, and Transport and Design of Public Spaces. Not all of the elements apply to every employer.

Ontario employers need to act quickly. This legislation has been in place for some time. There are deadlines for compliance reporting. Even if you do not qualify for reporting compliance (20 plus employees), you should let the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services know how many employees you have. Doing nothing is not an option. Fines have been levied against employers who disregard notices sent by the Ministry.

In House Human Resources helps you understand how this act affects your business, employees, and customers and helps to implement any necessary changes and policies. Let us get your business in compliance. We assess your workplace and prepare any necessary plans, policies, forms, notices and can help you report compliance.

Employment Standards Act

The Employment Standards Act sets out important guidelines for employee rights and employer obligations in Ontario. It is important to understand how recent changes to the legislation under bill 148 in January 2018 affect your employees’ pay, vacation, and other paid and unpaid leaves. In House Human Resources can help you ensure your business is in compliance with the ESA, create or update policies and procedures, and implement any changes required by bill 148.

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