Safety Services

What You Need to Know About The Ontario Ministry of Labour

By enforcing the rules and regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), the Ontario Ministry of Labour has an excellent mandate to help keep all workers safe in the workplace. Through workplace inspections, inspectors ensure that employers comply with the Act and that accidents are hopefully prevented. The Ministry of Labour targets different industries and issues to ensure maximum coverage of the Ontario workforce. The Ministry’s strategy is twofold: “targeting the areas of greatest need and enhancing service delivery”.

Did you know, inspectors have a right to enter and inspect the workplace under the OHSA and employers have a duty to comply with an order issued by an inspector? But some employers need help to ensure they are in compliance with an inspector’s order. Either through lack of expertise or manpower, best intentions to comply can’t always be realised. Unfortunately, accidents don’t wait to happen, so an inspector’s order should be addressed immediately. But why wait until the Ministry of Labour points out a hazard?

In House Human Resources helps employers get in compliance so they can hopefully prevent an order being written in the first place. All of our current and past clients have had the Ministry of Labour visit. We are very proud to say that all of our clients are satisfied and in compliance. But having a functioning safety program is not just about keeping the Ministry of Labour away from the doorstep. It is about preventing injuries to your workers and good due diligence for your business. But, unfortunately injuries still happen in today’s workplaces. Check out the latest injury trends for proof. That’s why companies need to put safety first. We can help you with that goal!

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