Safety Services

Did you know that the Occupational Health and Safety Act gives Ministry of Labour inspectors the right to enter and inspect any workplace? Or that employers are legally required to comply with an order issued by an inspector? Unfortunately accidents don’t wait to happen, so an inspector’s order must be addressed immediately. We can help you implement the required changes, programs, or policies.

But why wait until the Ministry of Labour finds a hazard? Our safety services can get any business in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act quickly!

Fix safety issues before the Ministry of Labour finds them

If your business has grown quickly with little time to learn about health and safety and the Occupational Health and Safety Act, or if you are facing a WSIB Workwell Audit, In House Human Resources can help you get up to speed and in compliance.

We work with your employees to implement an occupational health and safety program including a Joint Health and Safety committee. Our services include one-on-one guidance and assistance to the committee from the initial set-up, the first meeting, and through the first few inspections. We ensure that the committee knows its duties and responsibilities, we source training for committee members and continue to be a valuable resource for them going forward. 

Our safety services include: